Watersports and Other Activities

Big Mable Along the eastern coastline of the Dominican Republic, in Bavaro, Punta Cana is a 25 mile stretch of white sandy beach which invites you to enjoy the Caribbean sunshine and beautiful ocean. The perfect location for sunbathers and those who enjoy water sports and seek new adventures. The catamaran trip on the “Viva Colonia Tropical” is a must for those who love to snorkel; the speed boat excursion will satisfy those who hunger for action and the ever popular sunset cruises for the romantics. For everyone we offer a wide range of safe and fun excursions, water sports such as sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, banana-boat rides, parasailing and more.
WakeboardFor those who are part of the hotel’s all inclusive program we offer free single or double kayaks, catamarans and boogie boards. You may be happy to simply sunbathe or you may search for adventure, but no matter what Pelicano will be there for you!
Of course we also offer all diving activities! Please check out our special diving excursions in Punta Cana and also to the Caribbean Sea. Diving in Punta Cana is a must for every diver! Enjoy!

Isla Catalina Snorkel Excursion

The Catalina Snorkeltrip is a beautiful trip for the whole family including divers! In the morning we pick you up in your hotel and in an air-conditioned bus we drive you through the scenic landscape of the Province of Altagracia and the capital town of Higuey with its famous basilica. Once we reach La Romana and the speedboat-catamaran you are welcomed aboard by the crew. After a short briefing we head to our first dive and snorkel site: The Wall. Here we snorkel above a beautiful reef with a lot of hard and soft corals and an abundance of fish. We stay here about 1 hour to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world while the divers head down over the wall for a deep dive. After this first stop we head to the north side of Isla Catalina where we enjoy a Caribbean lunch with barbeque and plenty of drinks. Here we also take the opportunity to snorkel from the beach while the divers head for their second dive at the shallow "Aquarium" dive site. Snorkellers can enjoy the sun and the beach, of course accompanied by a Cuba Libre or Santo Libre or other refreshments of your choice. In the afternoon we go back to La Romana and on the bus drive back to Bavaro we get to relax and possibly nap after a beautiful day in Caribbean Paradise.

Bavaro Snorkel Excursion

Our Bavaro Snorkel Trip is an excursion on a catamaran along the coast of Bavaro/Punta Cana with its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. We start at the Ocean Blue hotel and head to the shallow waters by the reef where you can snorkel between numerous colorful fishes under the supervision of our experienced staff. We also offer you the option to swim with nurse sharks and sting rays in a pen specifically designed for this activity.(see Shark & Ray encounter) Don’t miss this unique experience to swim with sharks and sting rays. Following the snorkeling we stop at a natural pool where you can enjoy a soft drink or cuba libre in waist deep waters. Our professional crew will attend you during this 3 – 3.5hours excursion and offer you good Caribbean music as well as a selection of national drinks. Back on board the captain will take you back to our base from where you will be brought back to your resort by speedboat or land transportation. This excursion starts everyday at 9am and 1pm, except for Sundays and Wednesday morning.

Saona Excursion

The Saona Excursion is an adventure in the Caribbean Sea with high standard and service to one of the most beautiful private beaches of Isla Saona. Our host picks you up in your hotel and in an air-conditioned bus we drive you through the scenic landscape of the Province of Altagracia and the capital town of Higuey with its famous basilica. On the Caribbean shore the crew of the speedboat-catamaran will welcome you aboard. One way we go by speedboat and the other way by sailing catamaran. We do a brief stop for snorkeling in front of Bayahibe further on we follow the coral coast of the National Park to the natural pool where we take a short fresh dip in the Caribbean Sea. At lunchtime we reach the breathtaking beach of Saona with white sandy beaches enclosed by untouched palm trees – a Caribbean paradise. Here we have lunch in the form of a buffet. On the bus drive back to Bavaro we unwind from an unforgettable day in the Caribbean Paradise of the Dominican Republic.

Speedboat Excursion

This Speedboat excursion is all about the experience of an aquatic adventure as you drive your own speedboat on the turquoise sea of the Caribbean like James Bond! Fly across the waves as you drive your own mini two,three or even four-seater speedboat. Follow the leader along the beaches of Bavaro, with your journey ending at a snorkeling platform. Dive into the clear water to see underwater coral, fish and sea life of all colors. The snorkeling conditions here are excellent and all equipment is included. Expert instruction is available for those who need it. The speedboat ride is supervised by professional guides at all times to ensure your safety and comfort, allowing you to relax and enjoy the thrill ride of your life!

Shark & Ray Encounter

With our boat you go to the aquarium area where there are many beautiful Nurse sharks and Rays. Here you can swim with both of them and take pictures. You can even play with the rays! You can snorkel as much as you wish and you feel as though you are in an aquarium with so many beautiful fish. This excursion is a great experience for the young and the less young!

Dune Buggy Excursion

Driving through the beautiful nature of the Dominican Republic. This is a really cultural trip with a visit to the tropical beach of Macao, a visit to some small Dominican villages and plantations where you can enjoy the local fruits and the coffee. Also a visit to a beautiful cave is included. This tour takes a total of about 2.5 hours and drinking water is included. These buggies are equipped with an automatic transmission so it's an easy drive all the way and don't forget protection against the sun! We are sure you will remember this excursion as one of the highlights of your vacation.

PADI Diving & Courses


Diving is fun and safe! You can easily integrate it into your vacation schedule. We offer an extremely wide variety of Scuba Diving courses conducted by experienced and knowledgeable PADI professionals.

Water Sports


Along the eastern coastline of the Dominican Republic, in Punta Cana – Bavaro is a 25 miles stretch of white sandy beach which invites you to enjoy the Caribbean sunshine and beautiful ocean in more ways than one.


Catalina Boat

Punta Cana and south-eastern shore-line of the Dominican Republic have much to offer. There are plenty of excursions to be had that take you away from your resort to explore the local culture, country-side and oceans.